Vacation Elongation Theory

Vacation Elongation Theory

Science of Parenthood - Vacation Elongation Theory

No matter how long or short you family trip is, it will be ONE DAY more than your child can handle.

Special shout out to Dallas Crow!

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  1. HA! Kind of like how my kids and I always stay five minutes too long at any given party… I love the new look, and so happy to be included in your sidebar accolades! You girls rock- this is fantastic.
    Stephanie @ Mommy, for Real. recently posted…Why I Can’t Wait for the Next Blogging ConferenceMy Profile

  2. I wish this wasn’t so true!!!! Thanks for the fun graphic though to make it seem just a bit better!! xo
    Kathy Radigan recently posted…Waiting for My Postcard from GODMy Profile

  3. Ha! We had a ten day vacation this summer, and at day eight my daughter said “I’m loving our vacation, but I’m about ready to go home.”
    Dana recently posted…An aunt is like a mom, only coolerMy Profile

  4. Always. And I actually remember feeling that way as a kid!
    Tamara recently posted…The Reluctant Graduate.My Profile

    • Yeah I was always pretty done with my 2 younger brothers after a few days of relentless togetherness. I was DEFINITELY felt that way after a CT to Chicago road trip squeezed b/w my 2 brothers in the back of a toyota corolla without AC. I was 12, they were 8 and 4. Why yes, it WAS hell!
      Jessica Ziegler recently posted…Vacation Elongation TheoryMy Profile

  5. I think I have developed mad skillz in knowing when it’s time to pack up and GO. I look for warning signs like irritability, twitching, short tempered-ness, and sweating as signs the vacation needs to end. Then I pay attention to how the kids are acting too… ;)

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