Things My Kid Taught Me About Geometry: Congruence

Things My Kid Taught Me About Geometry: Congruence

Science of Parenthood - Things My Kid Taught Me About Geometry: Congruence



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  1. Bigger Schmigger, my girls only want whatever the OTHER ONE has, until they put it down :)

  2. SO TRUE. If I never heard the words “she has more than me” again it would really be too soon.-Ashley

  3. LOL Very true! I swear I used to have to count every noodle to make sure the bowls were even when my first two were little. They fought over everything! And taught me how to count under pressure! ;-)

    • Norine Dworkin-McDaniel :

      I suppose that’s some benefit to only having the one … except I often have the same discussions with my son over whether he or I have the bigger piece of salmon … or cake.

  4. This is so, so true!!!! I remember feeling the same way as one of three, my sisters and I were always debating who had the biggest piece. I say “You get what you get and you don’t get upset” more times than I care to admit!! Thanks for such a fun graphic!!

  5. This preoccupation with getting the “food portion shaft” must be universal. I like the whole, “She cuts it and you choose which piece,” or vice versa, but my toddler is too young to handle cutlery. Perhaps in a few years we can use that trick. No, on second thought, I’m sure I will always be too lazy to stand there and watch one of my children painstakingly slice a dessert in half. (And hey! I get to meet you in a few short days! Can’t wait! ;)

  6. haha this is great! and so so true :)
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