One Is The Loveliest Number

Lately, we’ve seen several bloggers waxing rhapsodic about the glories of having two, three, four, even more children. As moms of singletons, we thought we’d extol the many virtues — as we see them — of the Single (Child) Life.

(Special thanks to Jenn Rose of Something Clever 2.0 and occasional SOP guest contributor for contributing her two cents!)

1. You always know who broke it, spilled it, scratched it.

2. When you’re done with diapers, you are DONE with diapers.

3. You’ve always got one hand for the kid … and one hand to carry all the crap you need for the kid.

4. Your living room only looks like an F-1 tornado blew through it — rather than an F-5.

5. You only have to keep track of one set of permission slips and homework assignments.

6. You can always get seats together on a plane.

7. You never have to figure out how to be at a soccer game, dance recital and dentist appointment at the opposite ends of town … at exactly the same time.

8. You always know who the socks belong to.

9. You will never need a minivan.

10. You only have to rent a bounce house and buy crappy plastic party favors once a year.

11. You are never outnumbered.



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