Post-Party Pain Corollary

Post-Party Pain Corollary

The Science of Parenthood - Post-Party Pain CorollaryThe more desperate your need for sleep after a boozy evening, the more surely your kids will rouse you at dawn.

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  1. That’s about right. Also when you put the kids to bed later in effort for them to sleep in, but they wake up two hours earlier and your left hip is still asleep because you’re large and pregnant and, consequently, twice as hangry in the morning… Wait. Maybe that’s just me?
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  2. YES!!! YES!!! and YES!!! Remember the days when you could tie one on and sleep away the next day? Meh, me either.

    • Norine Dworkin-McDaniel :

      Ha!!! They get up earlier … and find noisier toys! I’m convinced THEY KNOW WE’RE HURTIN’!

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