Newton’s 2nd Law of Parenting

Newton’s 2nd Law of Parenting

Science of Parenthood - Newton's 2nd Law of Parenting

A child in motion will remain in motion until hitting a wall of fatigue. Then it’s stop, drop and zzzzzz……

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  1. How can I get my son to follow this rule?

  2. And this is true of teenagers too…it just takes them longer to drop and zzzzz! But they also don’t get up at the crack of dawn!! :)

    • Norine Dworkin-McDaniel :

      Children just KNOW when it’s a weekend or holiday. That’s when they’re up at dawn. At least in my house. On camp or school days? Nope. Have to drag him outta bed!

  3. Great cartoon – just pinned it to my mommy stuff board. Mind you like Michelle, these days now the kids are much older I am often fast asleep before them – I think they would keep going all night and sleep all day if I let them.

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