Quantum Carpool Mechanics

Quantum Carpool Mechanics

SciencewofParetnhood.com - Quantum Car Pool Mechanics

Quantum Carpool Mechanics: Why moms are able to drop off 2 kids at separate activities … on opposite ends of town … at exactly the same time.



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  1. Easily explained by the fact that Moms (and SAHDs) handle a complexity of life in amazing ways. I love your comics – an inspiration!!
    Seana Turner recently posted…Timing MattersMy Profile

  2. Yes, this is so true!!! Thanks!!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted…An Open Letter To My SonMy Profile

  3. I always wondered how my parents did this!
    Lisa Newlin recently posted…Tinder Tuesdays: 4th EditionMy Profile

  4. So glad to know this is possible for when my kids get older! Whew!

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