Proud? Or screwed? THAT is the question.

Am I Smarter Than A Second-Grader?

Am I smarter than a second-grader? Apparently I am not smarter than my second-grader. This not being smarter than a second-grader thing is fairly amazing to me as I went to college. And graduate school. Okay, I studied theater and dance, not astrophysics. But still. You’d think that anyone with a masters degree in anything more intellectually rigorous than, say, papier mache would be able to skillfully refuse a request that they’ve Continue reading

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So, Jen Mann Wrote An Entire Book About All Of The People She’d Dearly Love To Punch In The Throat

Whew! I am so glad I didn't make the list!! I didn't make the list, right?? Jen?? Jen????? Back in 2011, Jen Mann was happily ensconced in the Kansas suburbs, selling real estate from her home office, with her husband and two adorable toddlers beside her. And all was well in the land of wide lawns and good schools. That is, until Jen ventured out with her cherubs and entered the occasionally puzzling and all-too-often irritating world Continue reading

A stress-related condition brought on by repeatedly volunteering for school events micromanaged by overbearing PTA moms.

The Expanded Five-Second Rule for Experienced Parents

When you first have children, your Parental Threat Level is an eye-searing red for at least six months. You’re buying anti-bacterial everything and the Five-Second Rule? Forget it! You're tossing food that has been exposed to nothing more hazardous than air for more than 15 minutes. Over time though … well … things happen. Like when your child chirps, “I found a raisin under the couch!” And gobbles it down before you can even spin Continue reading

Corral of Dr. Moreau - Corral of Dr. Moreau

The motley band of barnyard misfits that make up every petting zoo.

Naptime Disruption Theorem - Naptime Disruption Theorem

The more time you’ve spend lulling your baby to sleep, the more likely the delivery guy will ring your doorbell just as she’s finally drifting off.