Taking The Kids To The Theater: A Drama In Five Acts

Act 1 We open on a mother on the way to the theater with her three children. All are dressed nicely and the mother has high expectations for the afternoon. Culture! The Arts! This will be magnificent! On the ride over, many rules and expectations are laid out, rewards promised for good behavior, threats and retribution implied for bad behavior. Act 2 Immediately upon entering the theater, the children spy the concession counter. Continue reading

Quantum Carpool Mechanics

SciencewofParetnhood.com - Quantum Car Pool Mechanics

Quantum Carpool Mechanics: Why moms are able to drop off 2 kids at separate activities … on opposite ends of town … at exactly the same time.



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What Makes Mommy “Scary?”

“Scary Mommy” creator Jill Smokler dishes about the thing that REALLY ticks her off; what she WISHES had happened when she gave birth; and that time she had a RUN-IN with the FBI. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve no doubt already figured out that this whole motherhood thing is not the ticket to the fair you thought it would be. Trust us. We know. We eventually figured out that motherhood was less carousel ride and more Continue reading

Fuel Efficiency Determination

ScienceofParenthood.com - Fuel Efficiency Determination

The decrease in a child’s hunger level that occurs as the number of friends available to play multiplies.


Gross-Out Trajectory

ScienceofParenthood.com - Gross Out Trajectory

As his age increases, so does your son’s ability to twist any topic into something totally disgusting.

The “Artisanal” School Supplies List

Credit: Anton Prado

AKA How To Drive Parents Absolutely Bat-Shit Crazy, One Sustainably Harvested Cedar Wood Pencil At A Time Dear School Families, We hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer. We can’t wait to welcome all of our students back to school. We know it’s going to be a great year. Here is a list of the school supplies your child will need to fully participate in class this year. Great care was taken in choosing these school supplies to Continue reading