Top Ten Toddler Bedtime Stalling Tactics

Oh, bedtime! That precious moment when you can finally turn your little perpetual-motion machine off for the night ... and then kick back and enjoy some desperately needed Me-Time. But first! You must run the Bedtime Stalling Gauntlet. Never fear. Here, we attempt to give you a leg-up on that challenge by outlining the Top Ten Toddler Bedtime Stalling tactics. Preparation is half the battle. The other half is a solid wine buzz. Good Continue reading

Archimedes’ Bathtime Principle

Science of Parenthood - Archimedes' Bathtime Principle

The fun a child is having in the tub is equal to the amount of water splashed all over the floor.

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The Day My 7-Year-Old Went Engagement Ring Shopping

I know what you’re thinking. Seven IS a wee bit young to be engagement ring shopping. But my son is clearly a romantic. And a long-range planner. That, for sure, he gets from me. After all, I was the one touring Central Florida preschools when the boy was barely six-weeks-old. And outside of New York City’s high-stakes nursery school competition—in which moms vie to fast-track their kids to Harvard by snaring one of the open spots in Continue reading

Carnival Arc - Carnival Arc

The extended “short-cut” you will take to prevent your kids from seeing that the county fair is in town.

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What Makes Mommy “Scary?”

“Scary Mommy” creator Jill Smokler dishes about the thing that REALLY ticks her off; what she WISHES had happened when she gave birth; and that time she had a RUN-IN with the FBI. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve no doubt already figured out that this whole motherhood thing is not the ticket to the fair you thought it would be. Trust us. We know. We eventually figured out that motherhood was less carousel ride and more Tilt-A-Whirl Continue reading