You’re NOT Funny, MOM!

Think You're Funny? Your Kid Disagrees As parents, one of our most important jobs is to build our children's self-esteem. We cultivate our little cherubs' delicate egos, shouting their successes from the rooftops and putting more spin on their faux pas and failures than Bill O'Reilly riding those crazy tea cups at Disney. But as careful as we are not to bruise our tots' tender feelings, our children aren't always as mindful when it Continue reading

Destination Arrival Equation

Science of Parenthood - Destination Arrival Equation

(Whining times frequency)parental annoyance squared = miles left to travel.


Oops! We Published A Parenting Tweets Book … Again!

It's BIGGER! It's BOLDER! And It's Out TODAY! We're baaaaack! Everyone loved The Big Book of Parenting Tweets so much that just four months later we pulled on our tweet-wrangling pants (yes, that is totally a thing) to bring you volume two! In our first book, The Big Book of Parenting Tweets, we invited 34 of the funniest Twitter comedians ever to diaper a baby to hit us with their best tweets. And we could barely stop laughing to Continue reading

Calculation Disintegration - Calculation Disintegration

The unsettling realization that your child’s math homework is WAY over your head.

Playroom Sedimentology

Science of Parenthood - Playroom Sedimentology

Identifying when previous play dates occurred by the layers of plastic toys piled up on the floor.