“Recipes” for Driving Mom Crazy

Don’t you just love those adorable Pinterest graphics showing off beautifully plated, bite-size nutritious meals for kids, featuring all the colors of the rainbow? Gimme a break. What those pictures don’t show you is that kids presented with plates that look as if they’d been styled for a spread in Bon Appetit eat from exactly one pile —most likely the mashed potato pile —then feed the rest to the dog… or stash it in the heating vents Continue reading

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So, Jen Mann Wrote An Entire Book About All Of The People She’d Dearly Love To Punch In The Throat

Whew! I am so glad I didn't make the list!! I didn't make the list, right?? Jen?? Jen????? Back in 2011, Jen Mann was happily ensconced in the Kansas suburbs, selling real estate from her home office, with her husband and two adorable toddlers beside her. And all was well in the land of wide lawns and good schools. That is, until Jen ventured out with her cherubs and entered the occasionally puzzling and all-too-often irritating world Continue reading

Naptime Disruption Theorem - Naptime Disruption Theorem

The more time you’ve spend lulling your baby to sleep, the more likely the delivery guy will ring your doorbell just as she’s finally drifting off.

What Fresh (Homework) Hell Is This?

Can we all agree: Homework is HELL. Raise your hand if you DREAD it each night. Can someone please explain why the volume of our children’s homework directly impacts OUR stress levels? And when did THEIR homework slide onto OUR plates? There was a reason we didn’t have homework back when we were kids, till we reached fourth grade. BECAUSE KIDS CAN’T DO IT ALONE before then. And as we know, anything a kid's gotta do, mom's gotta be Continue reading

Petri Dish - Petri Dish

Innocuous neighborhood gossip that mutated and rapidly spreads.

Lights-Out Hunger Catalyst - Lights-out Hunger Catalyst

The child who has denied repeated requests to “Eat something! PLEASE!” during the day will demand to be fed … at bedtime.