baby first birthday cake

Baby’s First Birthday? This Party’s Really For Mom!

Some parents believe that when a certain Very Big Milestone rolls around — I’m talking about Baby’s First Birthday, of course — that when you finally reach that epic moment, a full year after baby’s big debut, that any mom and dad with a shred of sanity left should simply give the kid a cupcake, slam a shot of bourbon, share a high-five and call it a day. Or a very early night. And to that I say — and I’m quoting my dear friend Continue reading

Mommyfesto Cover

Mommyfesto: Wisdom For The Been-There-Done-That Mom

We, the mothers of untold multitudes of children, in order to form a more tranquil household, establish firm bedtimes, ensure adequate nutrition and attempt to save a tiny shred of the sanity we had before giving birth, do here forth establish a “mommyfesto” for motherhood. If you’ve ever wished that some parenting truths were, in fact, self-evident or desired the kind of iron-clad guarantees that peace would reign throughout your Continue reading


An (Im)Perfectly Beautiful Christmas Tree

If you are a Christmas tree aficionado ... If you wait all year to let your inner Martha Stewart run rampant with ribbon and garland and tinsel, oh my! ... If you summarily reject ornaments because they are not the “right” shade of Christmas red ... If, to put it mildly, you are a Christmas tree-decorating perfectionist ... then these are the words that will strike fear into your holly jolly heart like a candy-cane shiv: Mommy! I Continue reading

Pediatrician Speed Inversion - Pediatrician Speed Inversion
The faster you race your feverish child to the doctor’s office, the lower his temp will be once the doctor sees you.