Jack Ziegler on ScienceofParenthood.com

Cartoon Superstars Who Happen to Share My DNA

It's a pretty short list. Renowned New Yorker cartoonist Jack Ziegler — aka my father — has generously allowed us to publish some of his never-before-seen parenting cartoons in a special series we're calling Jack Ziegler @ Science of Parenthood.  When I was growing up, The New Yorker could always be found in our house, along with an entire library of cartoon books and collections. I spent a lot of time reading those books, Continue reading

One-hundred percent of author proceeds from this book goes to Scary Mommy Nation, a nonprofit charity that feeds families in need on Thanksgiving.

Survive The Holidays … Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

Halloween to New Year's is a veritable gauntlet of great expectations and inevitable disappointment. So buckle up. We've got eight weeks of holiday hell joy ahead! 12:01 AM, November 1. After the treats have been collected, the tricks played out and the sugared-up kiddos are passed out their beds, this date marks the official start of the Holiday Season. (Though if you go by purveyors of Pumpkin-Spice Everything, you're forgiven if you Continue reading


Biology Lessons: The Life Cycle of a PTO Mom

Elementary school is about as diverse an ecosystem as you’ll find this side of the Peruvian rainforest. At the tip top of the food chain: the PTO Mom. With her distinct markings — headband, pearls, Talbot’s sweater sets and, among some Northern breeds, the Hermes scarf, knotted just so — the PTO Mom is by far the bitchiest of the parent types you’ll encounter in the elementary school environment. The PTO Mom — sometimes also called the Continue reading

Plate Tectonics

Scienceofparenthood.com - Plate Tectonics

Your toddler’s shifting preference for the one plate she will eat from without a cataclysmic reaction.

Chuck E-conomics

ScienceofParenthood.com Chuck E-conomics

The amount of real money you will spend before your child “earns” enough to buy a 25 cent glow stick.

Bunker Bomb

Scienceof Parenthood.com - Bunker Bomb

A bout of diarrhea so explosive, it burst out of the diaper, saturating the baby and everything around her.