An (Im)Perfectly Beautiful Christmas Tree

If you are a Christmas tree aficionado ... If you wait all year to let your inner Martha Stewart run rampant with ribbon and garland and tinsel, oh my! ... If you summarily reject ornaments because they are not the “right” shade of Christmas red ... If, to put it mildly, you are a Christmas tree-decorating perfectionist ... then these are the words that will strike fear into your holly jolly heart like a candy-cane shiv: Mommy! I Continue reading

Mommyfesto Cover

Mommyfesto: Wisdom For The Been-There-Done-That Mom

We, the mothers of untold multitudes of children, in order to form a more tranquil household, establish firm bedtimes, ensure adequate nutrition and attempt to save a tiny shred of the sanity we had before giving birth, do here forth establish a “mommyfesto” for motherhood. If you’ve ever wished that some parenting truths were, in fact, self-evident or desired the kind of iron-clad guarantees that peace would reign throughout your Continue reading


8 Gifts To NEVER Buy Another Mom’s Child*

With Black Friday past and Cyber Monday well underway, we're all in "go-mode" for snatching up holiday gifts for the little ones. But having been through this seasonal drill a few times as a mom, I must confess that my excitement over gift-giving and getting (Oooh! You shouldn't have!) has curdled into something closer to stone-cold fear of the horrifying things my child may receive. (Oh dear lord, you REALLY shouldn't have!) Over Continue reading

Plate Tectonics

Scienceofparenthood.com - Plate Tectonics

Your toddler’s shifting preference for the one plate she will eat from without a cataclysmic reaction.