Mommy Math: Summer “Fun” Edition

Even if the Common Core leaves you clueless, you'll solve these summer-time Mommy Math problems like a real math whiz. 1. Mikey goes to a summer day camp 20 miles away each day till 4 pm. If the bus leaves camp at 4:10 pm, traveling at 35 miles per hour, and makes five stops before reaching Mikey's neighborhood, how many seconds after exiting the bus will Mikey ask his mom where the iPad is so he can play Minecraft? 2. Liza takes Continue reading

Quantum Carpool Mechanics - Quantum Car Pool Mechanics

Quantum Carpool Mechanics: Why moms are able to drop off 2 kids at separate activities … on opposite ends of town … at exactly the same time.



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What Makes Mommy “Scary?”

“Scary Mommy” creator Jill Smokler dishes about the thing that REALLY ticks her off; what she WISHES had happened when she gave birth; and that time she had a RUN-IN with the FBI. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve no doubt already figured out that this whole motherhood thing is not the ticket to the fair you thought it would be. Trust us. We know. We eventually figured out that motherhood was less carousel ride and more Continue reading

Fuel Efficiency Determination - Fuel Efficiency Determination

The decrease in a child’s hunger level that occurs as the number of friends available to play multiplies.


Gross-Out Trajectory - Gross Out Trajectory

As his age increases, so does your son’s ability to twist any topic into something totally disgusting.

What to Say To Your Child … When Your Child Is Blathering On and On and ON About Minecraft

Creeper. Notch. Enderman. Griefers.  Mobs. Mods. If you have a Minecrafter in your house, you’ve likely heard these words shouted — like a foreign language — from the computer room. Minecraft is EVERYWHERE. If you have an Internet connection and a seven- to ... well ... forty-five-year-old, good luck escaping it. But if you can't escape it, you might as well become fluent in the idiom. So I did some extensive field research (aka Continue reading