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Science of Parenthood - Things My Kid Taught Me About Geometry: Volume

Volume: The measure of milk spilled at every meal.


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Do YOU Have Lipstick On Your Teeth?

What could possibly be better than reading one woman’s confessions about her most ridiculous gaffes, goofs, slip-ups and snafus? How about reading 40 women’s most hilariously uncomfortable and embarrassing and intimate moments? Leslie Marinelli, editor-in-chief of the website, In The Powder Room, … [Read More...]

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The Story Behind: Tastebud Chaos Theory

If you wanna get your kid to eat something, um ... different. Let him see another kid ... an older kid ... a kid he thinks is really cool ... eating it. In our case, it was Jessica's son Holden who, as a five-year-old, introduced my son Fletcher, then three, to the joys of eating salmon sushi. … [Read More...]

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We're going on a road trip to share the new Science of Parenthood book across the country this fall! Follow along, it's gonna be awesome!