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Gals Just Want To Be Alone … Just Not All The Time

Somewhere back in our long-ago (as the Doobie Brothers like to say), the Australian writer-politician-educator Irina Dunn famously quipped, A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.  I kept thinking about this quote as I read through the new anthology I Just Want to Be Alone, the second in … [Read More...]

Funny Stuff with More Words, Less Pictures


Mommy Math: Back-To-School Edition!

Parents, sharpen those pencils! Even if you flunked every math test you ever took, you’ll ace these real world math problems like you’re channeling Pythagoras. 1. Dana’s tween daughter wants new clothes for school. If Dana spends three weeks shuttling her daughter to five outlet malls within a … [Read More...]

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We're going on a road trip to share the new Science of Parenthood book across the country this fall! Follow along, it's gonna be awesome!