Things my Kid Taught Me About Geometry: Right Angles

Science of Parenthood - Things my Kid Taught Me About Geometry: Right Angles

A child will always sleep perpendicular to any adult snoozing in the bed next to him.


Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout the Birds and the Bees and … Porn

Some of you may recall last summer when I had to have an on-the-fly How-Babies-Are-Made conversation with my 7-year-old, after he’d heard about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s labor experience on NPR. (He wanted to make sure boys didn’t have babies because it all sounded too painful to him — and, well, having done it, I do see his point.) But in going over the process of the sperm joining the egg then growing into a baby, I was able to Continue reading

FITBIT Toddler Metric

Science of Parenthood - FITBIT Toddler Metrics

The unit of measure in which an afternoon of toddler chasing is equal to half marathon.

Food-to-Floor Formula


The calculation to determine how much food you must prepare based on what will actually end up in your tots mouth … rather than on the floor.

Does Your Child Have A Pacifier Addiction?

By Amanda Muchnok Mushro When my daughter turned 2, it was clear to the entire family that she had a problem. A very serious problem: A pacifier addiction problem. Since I’ve watched a lot of interventions on TV, I felt completely comfortable staging a paci intervention in our home. We sat my unsuspecting girl down in her “big girl chair” for a “big girl” talk. Just like an addict, she was shocked, angry and in denial. She blamed Continue reading

Suburban Haiku

Bite-Size Snark In Suburban Haiku

When Peyton Price left Washington, DC, for the manicured lawns of its surrounding suburbs some 20 years ago, she vowed that though she might live in the suburbs; get her son and daughter (now 16 and 13) educated in the suburbs; make friends and even make peace with the deer that believe they own her backyard in the suburbs; she would not become consumed by the suburbs. “There were a few things I just could not concede to,” she says Continue reading